Feeling inspired while listening to music. I guess this is more of an idealist view of the world. ~~~ If there is no place for you here,Carve one out for yourself,Chisel the scarred outline,Of something better,If no one will look twice your way,Burn the richest shade of gold,Be as unforgively beautiful,As the rising sun,If the … Continue reading Impossible


Is this about a post-acpolyaptic world? Is this about the dangers of damaging the enviroment? Maybe it's both.~~~Maybe they'll only realise,When the smoke steals their breath,Ash coating every inch of skin,Daggers of burning gold,And they'll say,We should have known,The world was going to end in flames,Maybe they'll only realise,When spikes of ice invade their hearts,Crystal … Continue reading Maybe


The creative arts are just so hard? Every person who does them are incredible. They need more appreciation.~~~Shaking lips lost in words flowing out. A river of letters. You have too much to say. Pages upon pages of words that have lost their meaning, yet you read them all, vison blurring at the edges. Your … Continue reading Shaking


Music is literally one of my most favourite things on earth. I swear music makes life a little more bearable. If only I could actually sing! Still, I love writing while listening to music, the words sort of absorbing the atmosphere from the song. It's one of my favourite ways to gain inspiration. ~~~ Sometimes, … Continue reading Music